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You don’t need a web designer or developer to brand your content in CourseArc. We have prebuilt templates and icon banks that are easy to customize with just a few clicks. The theme editor allows you upload a banner image or logo and select all of your colors. Use our icon banks and customize the color to your liking, or upload your own icons. If you’re an advanced user and want even more control, you can edit the CSS to move or hide elements, import fonts, and more.

Screenshot of the CourseArc theme editor

We also offer multi-branding, which allows you to set up multiple themes for the same content. This allows you to change the brand associated with courses for different audiences and also allows content to be rebranded/white labeled for reuse or resale.

Screenshot of the same course content with two different templates

Same content branded in 2 different ways 

Don’t want to do this yourself? CourseArc offers custom template and branding design as a service.