Affordable Course Authoring

Developing an online course can be a huge investment, both in time and money. Karl Kapp’s article,¬†Time to Develop One Hour of Training, is one of the most widely referenced guides for estimating development costs as is the presentation from the Chapman Alliance, shown below. Both estimate it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000 to develop one hour of online content. As a result, organizations often have to sacrifice the quantity or quality of eLearning courses.

The value of CourseArc is evident when you compare our pricing with what custom development software and/or developers cost. CourseArc:

  • enables organizations to create sustainable programs and build internal capacity.
  • expedites the course development process without sacrificing course quality.
  • equips non-technical personnel such as SMEs to develop highly interactive content without the need for expensive design and development resources.
  • minimizes the time and investment needed to develop highly interactive online courses.
  • leverages instructional design resources across multiple projects.
  • allows instructors or subject matter experts to make updates to courses without the need for expensive development resources.